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How to contact us, where to find us, a run sheet for your crew and more.

Information on our office hours, event timetable (pack-in and pack-out dates and times), and more.


Pack-in Timetable

Pack-in site access

Pack-in details for outdoor sites

Pack-in details for indoor sites

Pack-in details for Food Vendors

Pack-in details for Sublet Exhibitors

Pack-out Timetable

Pack-out site access

Pack-out details for outdoor sites

Pack-out details for indoor sites

Pack-out details for Food Vendors

Pack-out details for Sublet Exhibitors


In addition to the above info, it's important that you read and understand the following:

Safety during pack-in and pack-out

Use of on-site roadways during pack-in and pack-out

Reinstating your site after Fieldays

Late removal penalties

Fieldays Partners and Premier Sponsor