Fieldays Digital Futures

Fieldays Digital Futures

Location: Site PD50, Main Pavilion

Digital technology in agriculture is evolving and here is an opportunity to discover what’s happening now and into the future. 

Digital technology in agriculture is evolving and this is an opportunity to find out what’s happening now and into the future. Fieldays Digital Futures is hosted by Fieldays and AgriTechNZ to create conversation and engage with farmers about rural data, and digital adoption. It’s a chance for visitors to talk first-hand with key players in the data landscape, identify where they are on their digital journey and discuss ideas for a better way forward.

The Fieldays Digital Futures partners’ aim is to better understand the motivations, pressures and barriers faced by farmers and growers in adopting new tools. Strengthening this ecosystem and improving levels of data interoperability benefits the environment, the economy, and the people that work in it. 
Located in a prime spot within the Fieldays Pavilion, Fieldays Digital Futures welcomes farmers, growers, technology innovators, researchers, investors, government agencies and anyone with an interest in unleashing the potential of digital agriculture - to stop by for a conversation.

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