Fieldays Smart Band

Grab your Fieldays Smart Band at the Gate at Fieldays to make it fast and easy to connect with your favourite exhibitors and to enter competitions. Remember to return these as you leave the event so we can use them again next year.

Fieldays entrance
PM Jacinda and kids


Yes! Only the information you supply is passed on to the exhibitors that you choose to connect with when you interact with them. We only pass forward your information with explicit permission from you. We adhere to a strict Privacy Policy and the New Zealand Data Privacy Act 1993. Your information is safely hosted on an encrypted server with our partner; Satellite. Satellite is a longstanding, experienced and trustworthy New Zealand company that has world-class data security services. If you wish to learn more about other projects they have provided, please take a look here

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. We use it at Fieldays in the form of a tag inside your Fieldays Smart Wristband. RFID is used to identify, transfer and track information between a tag and a directly interactive device.

There is a tag inside each Smart Band. A unique identification number is stored electronically inside this small tag. There is also a transmitter and receiver connected to the tag. The exhibitor devices send an encrypted radio signal to identify the tag. When the tag receives the signal, it replies with its unique identification number, so the device and system know which Smart Band and is being scanned.

If you have any questions specifically about the Smart Band system, please email

If your Smart Band is stolen (very unlikely) or gets lost (also very unlikely) you can get a replacement. There is no risk your data can be accessed by anyone who finds the Smart band as nothing is stored on the band, only in our encrypted database so your private information is completely safe.

We do everything we can to lessen our environmental footprint at the Fieldays. We have chosen to have silicone Smart Bands so that we can re-use them (we sterilise them, don’t worry!).

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