Winners of Fieldays Online Innovation Awards 2020 announced

Innovation has been at the heart of Fieldays since its inception over 50 years ago. It is the very reason Fieldays exists and why Fieldays Online was launched. Innovation is not easy, it requires courage and a willingness to take on risk, yet it is also fundamental to the overall sustainability of any business or industry. It is necessary if we wish to solve todays problems and prepare the ground for solving tomorrows. Fieldays Innovation Awards put a spotlight on Kiwi ingenuity as well as international innovation, while showcasing cutting edge ideas that benefit the Primary Industry. 

Young Inventor of the Year Award 

Winner: St Paul’s Collegiate School – James Barker, Thomas Glenn, William Cowan, and Curtly Harper 
Name of innovation: Flash Flow 

 Runner up: Kate Cregoe
Name of innovation: Sheep Stencil

Runner up: St Paul’s Collegiate School – Molly Nelson, Ellis Watson, Libby Deadman, Lucy Fullerton-Smith 
Name of innovation: Ewe-nique Recognition

Vodafone Digital Innovation Award 

Winner: Tussock Innovation 
Name of innovation: Waterwatch Live 

Callaghan Innovation Partnership and Collaboration Award 

Winner: Ecolibrium Biologicals Ltd 
Name of innovation: Lateral 

Amazon Web Services Innovation in Data Award 

Winner: Fleetpin Ltd
Name of innovation: Fleetpin Rollover Safety System   

James & Wells Innovation Award 

Winner: Hivesite 
Name of innovation: Autonomous chemical-free Varroa Mite Treatment 

Innovation Prototype Awards – Prototype and Launch


Hivesite – Autonomous chemical-free Varroa Mite Treatment
AgriSea NZ – BioactiveN
AgResearch – Mobile Scanning Electric Vehicle Enhancement (MSEVEN)

Grassroots Prototype Award Winner: Hivesite 

Established Prototype Award Winner: AgriSea NZ  

Innovation Launch Award 

Winner: Antahi Innovations Ltd. 
Name of innovation: Trusti Colostrum Management System 

Runner up: Ballance Agri-Nutrients 
Name of innovation: SurePhos 

Innovation International Award 

Winner: MagGrow 
Name of innovation: MagGrow 

Runner up: DeLaval
Name of innovation: Evanza

To see the full list of Fieldays Innovation Award entries go to:

Fieldays Innovation Awards Category Head Judges: 

Andrew Cooke: Managing Director, Rezare Systems  

Rezare Systems is a company that specialises in software development for agribusiness, and develops tools for nutrient management, feed planning, and traceability. Andrew started Rezare Systems after working in livestock genetics and farm systems at AgResearch. His background is in science and technology, and he was involved in the detailed design and programming of several agricultural tools. Andrew provides advice and consulting on technology adoption and use in the agricultural sector to a number of farming and farm-service organisations, led the New Zealand Farm Data Standards and Farm Data Code of Practice programmes, and contributed to standards and digital strategy for Meat & Livestock Australia.  

Peter Dowd: Founder & Principal Consultant, Anago Ltd 

Peter has over 20 years’ experience researching and developing best practice in knife sharpness and the prevention of muscular skeletal injuries in the meat processing industry, including as a research engineer in one of the world’s leading meat research institutes. His work includes published papers on the impact of edge sharpness and edge roughness on grip forces when using hand knives, as well as multiple patents on methods and products designed to measure and improve edge sharpness. Based in New Zealand, Peter chaired the national Meat Industry Health & Safety Forum for 5 years and has been a guest speaker at a variety of industry conferences and events in Australasia and North America.  He has over 10 years’ experience as a Fieldays judge. His global experience includes advising major knife manufacturers as well as helping a wide range of both small and large clients from seafood, poultry, pork, red meat and more.  He is honoured to have the opportunity to assist with judging the Fieldays Innovations competition and looks forward to exploring this year’s entries and passing on advice aimed at helping each entrant to succeed as a business as well as a product.  

Brendan O’Connell: Vice Chairman of the Precision Agriculture Association 

The Precision Agriculture Association of New Zealand encourages understanding and development of precision agriculture farm practices appropriate to NZ farming systems. Initially trained as a mechanical design engineer, Brendan has been involved in technical, commercial and leadership aspects of product innovation at a senior executive level for several international businesses. He has amassed experience across a range of industries including agricultural technology (Tru-Test Group), consumer electronics (Navman), telecommunications (Nokia) and bio-medical (BioMedical Research). Over the last decade of work in the Agritech sector, Brendan has developed a strong affinity with the primary sector: its people and its purpose. He is particularly interested in the role of technology in protecting, unlocking and amplifying value from primary produce. 

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