Make your way riverside and check out the the strongest, fastest, noisiest, and most captivating tractor sport.

The boy-racers of the farming world go head to head in this hotly contested competition, a firm favourite with Fieldays folk of all ages. Take a seat in the grandstand for prime viewing of the action. Heats are held Wednesday through to Friday, followed by the fiercely fought finals on Saturday. The final will be held on Saturday afternoon and presentation of the coveted prizes will be at the Tractor Pull Area.

The Competition

Contestants will battle it out in three different classes, with the final held on Saturday. Check out the weight transfer class for a battle of grunt, while speed fanatics can get their fix watching the weight adjusted class. The modified tractors are a must see for all visitors as the showmen of Tractor Pull take to the track.

Heats are held Wednesday through Friday followed by the finals on Saturday.

Tractor Pull Classes

Weight Adjusted Competition 
Tractors are weighted with sledges according to horsepower. It’s then a race to the finish line with the first to make it 100m winning.

Weight Transfer Competition  
Competitors must transfer the weight from the wheels to the sledges, increasing drag and making it harder to pull.  The competitors work their tractors to keep pulling as long as they can until it will go no further. The winner of his class is the one who can pull the sledge the greatest distance.

Modified Tractors and Pre 85’s
The modified tractors will keep you entertained with their huge horsepower.
These ‘bad boys’ have up to 800 horsepower and are the farming equivalent of boy racers. The modified tractors provide all the noise making, smoke generating action.

Enter Tractor Pull

By entering the Fieldays® Tractor Pull competition, you need to specify either the Weight Adjusted (racing) or the Weight Transfer (farthest distance) competition, or both. If you do not have a standard tractor but a pre–85 or modified, you will need to enter the Modified Tractors Competition.

The competition heats will be held at Fieldays 16-19 June 2021 with the finals taking place on Saturday 19 June.

  • Fieldays Weight Adjusted Competition – proudly sponsored by Corson
  • Fieldays Weight Transfer Competition
  • Modified Tractors
  • Pre 85 Tractors

To access the entrant’s guide and entry form, click the button below, then click the ‘sign up’ link at the log-in screen.