Reflecting on Fieldays substantial economic impact

It’s clear from the recent independently prepared Economic Impact report that Fieldays continues to make a significant impact on the economy both regionally and nationally.

A massive $492m of sales revenue was generated for New Zealand firms with an impressive $168m generated for businesses in the Waikato region alone. This equates to each of the 130,866 people that came through the gates to Fieldays at Mystery Creek, generating over $3,700 each.

These figures lead to the event contributing a further $221m towards New Zealand’s GDP from the 2018 event, making a significant impression on the national economy.

Fieldays brand value is determined by direct sales, customer leads and event impact and was determined this year at $488m, an increase on the 2017 figure by $23m.

The report also shows that Fieldays leads to over 2,000 full year jobs (both full and part-time) being sustained throughout New Zealand with 860 confirmed for the Waikato region.

Overall it is estimated that fifty years of the Fieldays event has contributed over $18b in sales revenue and $8b in GDP to the wider New Zealand economy in total, supporting the event’s title as the largest agricultural event in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Economic Impact Report of Fieldays 2018 was independently prepared by Dr Warren Hughes and Professor Frank Scrimgeour of the University of Waikato Management School’s Institute of Business Research and presented to a small group of stakeholders during an event in late October.

Fieldays 2018 statistics

  • 130,866 visitors over the four event days
  • 1,051 exhibitors across 1,460 sites
  • Over 300 international visitors from 42 counties attended the event
  • Contributed $221m to New Zealand’s GDP
  • Generated $492m in sales revenue
  • Responsible for sustaining over 2000 full year jobs




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