New Zealand’s top fencers compete in a match of skill, speed and sheer tenacity

Generations of families have fiercely contested the New Zealand Fencing Competitions held at Fieldays over the years.

But this year’s win by Tony Bouskill will celebrate family rivalry, after Tony took out first place in the prestigious Golden Pliers® by WIREMARK® Singles Championship. A position that father Shane Bouskill has dominated and held four times previously.

“It’s recognised on the world stage as being a highly-coveted trophy which exhibits precision fencing,” says Debbie White NZFC Marketing Manager.  “It’s a gut-busting test of endurance and requires dedication, fitness, an eye for detail and the mental agility to produce a top-quality post and batten fence.”  The resulting 50-metre, 9-wire fences are scrutinised closely by the judges, right down to the smallest details.

Leading up to the event Shane had mixed feelings about wanting to win the Golden Pliers.  He said, although he still definitely wanted to win it, he also wanted to see Tony win it.

Together Shane and Tony also won the Fieldays Silver Spades Doubles Championship. The second time the father and son duo have won the title. The Fieldays Silver Spades is a doubles (teams) competition which is more about the modernisation of fencing as it uses new products from sponsors WIREMARK, Cyclone, Strainrite, Goldpine, Stihl, Stock-ade, Steel & Tube/Hurricane.

The competitions are organised and run by New Zealand Fencing Competitions (NZFC), who also run regional and local competitions around the country.

Qualifying heats are held prior to Fieldays and the top eight finalists qualify for the Golden Pliers final.  The next six finalists who have never competed in a Golden Pliers final qualify for the Bill Schuler Competition final, named after the legendary fencer and champion competitor who recently passed away.

Jared Nicholson was the winner of the 2018 Bill Schuler Final and Fergus Smith and Angus Bennett from Smedley Station took out first place in the Fieldays Silver Staples.



Golden Pliers singles Championship by Wiremark
1st Tony Bouskill
2nd Jeff Joines
3rd Tim Stafford
4th Shane Bouskill
5th Matt Jones
6th Haydon Walton
7th Tony White
8th Cameron Beaven
WIREMARK Best Quality – Jeff Joines
First off the Line – The Nick Liefting Trophy – Tony Bouskill

Fieldays Silver Spades Doubles Champions
1st Shane Bouskill & Tony Bouskill
2nd Tim Stafford & Jeff Joines
3rd Dan Hunt & Daniel Kirk
4th Nigel Higgins & Craig Shortall
5th Jared Nicolson & Bernard Condon-Orr
6th Matt Jones & John Graham

Bill Schuler Final
1. Jared Nicholson
2. Martin Leveridge
3. Dan Kirk
4. Sam Burton
5. Troy Brooky
6. Nick Stanger

Best first year – Martin Leveridge
Best second year – Cameron Beaven

Fieldays Silver Staples
1st Fergus Smith & Angus Bennett – Smedley Station
2nd Jamie Arnold & Louis Twigg – Smedley Station
3rd Jordon Williams & Zac Reid – Otiwhiti Station
4th Proude & Jack Ellington – Waipaoa Station
5th Bradley Clement & Rhys Fyers – Otiwhiti Station
6th Pengelley & Du-toit – Waipaoa Station

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