The results of events and competitions held during Fieldays can be viewed below.

Rural Catch

Northland boy Lewis Nichols has taken out the 2019 Fieldays Rural Catch top honours with Hamilton girl Charlotte Leach winning the hearts of the public, judges and sponsors to be crowned People’s Choice.

Lewis is a heavy machinery operator for agricultural contracting company Bradfields based in Otorohanga and came into the competition looking for someone who could listen to a few tractor yarns and has come away with the experience of a lifetime.

People’s choice award winner Charlotte Leach is a research technician for Dairy NZ who impressed the public, judges and sponsors – all of whom she thanked for making the experience such a great one.

Fieldays Fencing Competitions

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Golden Pliers ® by WIREMARK® Singles Championship

1st Tony Bouskill
2nd Matt Jones
3rd Mark Lambert
4th Jeff Joines
5th Shane Bouskill
6th Jared Nicolson (first time finalist)
7th Haydon Walton
8th Dan Hunt (first time finalist)

Best Quality – Mark Lambert

Nick Liefting First off the line trophy – Hayden Walton

Fieldays Silver Spades® Doubles Championship
1st – Tony Bouskill / Shane Bouskill
2nd  Jeff Joines / Mark Lambert
3rd Wayne Newdick / Jared Nicolson
4th Craig Shortall / Nigel Higgins
5th Hayden Walton / Craig Smith
6th Matt Jones / John Graham
7th Tony Brady / Trent Anderson (South Island competitors)

Bill Schuler
1st Martin Leveridge
2nd Dan Kirk
3rd Sam Burton
4th Cory Twigley
5th Tom Dingle
6th Tony Brady (South Island competitor)

Best First Year – Cory Twigley

Best Second Year – Martin Leveridge

Fieldays Silver Staples
1st Matthew O’Reilly / Sam Leake – Smedley Station
2nd Louis Twigg / Jock Dodgshun – Smedley Station
3rd – Cole Clayden / Luke Jamieson – Waipaora Farm Cadets
4th Jack du Toit / Matthew Austing – Waipaora Farm Cadets
5th Jesee McIntyre / Conner McIntrye – Pukemiro Station

Fieldays Innovation Awards

Fieldays International Innovation Award – Gallagher

The Gallagher Water Flow Indicator took out the Fieldays International Innovation Award at the International Business Networker on day two of Fieldays 2019.

Inspired by pure frustration, Murray Tones was sick of forever going around his farm looking for water leaks and was told by his wife that he’d talked about it enough and it was time to get on and do it.

The process for creating the Water Flow Indicator took about six or seven years and went through three or four different protypes until Murray was ready to take it to the next step. Equipped with his prototype secured in a box, Murray went to Gallagher to pitch his idea and come up with a plan.

“It was an easy choice to go to Gallagher to make this happen, I knew what I wanted but I relied heavily on their expertise to make it happen. Gallagher have such a great reputation nationally and globally and their marketing reach is pretty hard to beat,” said Murray.


Fieldays Launch NZ Award – Future Post

Future Post have invented an environmentally friendly fence post made from 100% recycled plastics; their innovation boasts a stronger build with more durability than traditional fence post designs.

Judges said this product provides a way for farmers to participate in addressing what is a massive environmental problem for New Zealand. This is a positive and potential game changing step towards dealing with New Zealand’s plastic recycling challenge.


Fieldays Prototype Grassroots Award– PICMI

PICMI removes the need for paperwork when hiring staff. The platform enables employers to personalise & manage their on-boarding process saving time and money whilst acting as an intermediary between employee and employer.

PICMI was the star of the show receiving three awards for their innovation. Inspired by problems faced personally, she fought to find a solution to the problem of finding seasonal workers, funding the innovation from their house deposit she developed her inspired idea.


Fieldays Prototype Established Award – Imaginus Ltd

Imaginus Ltd’s animal health innovation involves a unique prototype design for a packaging and delivery system for intramammary dry cow treatments and teat sealants. They focused on environmental sustainability and the reduction of plastic packaging (compared to traditional alternatives) and reduction of labour and costs the key benefits.

Imaginus utilised their knowledge in a variety of industries to develop a faster, safer and more environmentally friendly solution to an important dairy task.


Fieldays Innovations Partners Awards:

  • Young Innovator of the Year – St Paul’s Collegiate School with ‘Bobble Trough’. Judges said they were impressed with their development process, their use of external expertise, their understanding of IP and of course their solution
  • Vodafone Innovation Technology Award – PICMI
  • AWS Innovation in Data – Riverwatch
  • Sprout Global Growth Award – Matrex® Blockchain
  • James & Wells Innovation Award – PICMI
  • Gait International Award for Product Design and Scalability – Modusense Ltd
  • Callaghan Innovation Partnership and Collaboration Award – Aepea

No.8 Wire Art Award

Hamilton artist Gaye Jurisich has taken out top honours in the 2019 Fieldays No.8 Wire National Art Award with her captivating piece labelled Snare.

The Fieldays No.8 Wire National Art Awards are hosted and coordinated by Waikato museum, partnered by Farmlands cooperative and supported by the New Zealand National Fieldays Society.

Judge Linda Tyler praised Jurisich’s piece of art for using the space effectively.

“Often with sculpture, people think that it’s fine to have something wall mounted. The whole attraction of that piece was the fact that it was sprouting out of the walls and using the floors as well, so it was a real installation,” said Tyler.

Tractor Pull Results

Weight Adjusted Tractor Pull
1st – Phil Darby
2nd – Roddy Finlayson
3rd – Ian Lillington

Brent Garrett Memorial for Sportmanship – Nick Stolzenberg

Weight Transfer Tractor Pull
0 – 6.5 Tonne – Dashum Singh
6.5 – 8.5 Tonne – Kris Grant
8.5 -10 Tonne – Logan Ashford
10 -12 Tonne – Darren Bennett
12 -15 Tonne – Jakob Putt

Overall Winner of Weight Transfer Competition – Logan Ashford
1st Time Entrant – Roddy Finlayson

Pre 85 Weight Transfer
0 – 6 tonnes – Jordon Sinton
6 – 9 tonnes – Paul Matthews

Overall Pre 85 – Paul Matthews

Diesel – Art Maandonks
Petrol – Trevor Peters
Overall Modified – Trevor Peters