Looking for the perfect platform to launch your innovative idea? Look no further!

Do you have an idea you can’t wait to share with the world? Fieldays is the ultimate launch platform for Innovation and we can’t wait to see how you are going to change the landscape of the Primary Industry.

To register your interest to apply for Fieldays Innovation Awards 2022, email us here with a brief overview of your innovation!

Fieldays Innovation Awards delivers a global platform for creative problem-solvers to showcase their innovation to the primary industries, while providing the opportunity to be recognised as a Fieldays Innovation Award winner.

Connecting creators with corporate decision-makers, media, investors and industry leaders while offering the perfect platform to test innovations within a highly targeted audience.

Terms and Conditions

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Innovation Awards FAQ's

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Protecting your Innovation FAQ's

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The total awards prize package is over $60,000 worth of cash, services and products.
Full details will be released soon.


With a range of award categories, and a competition structure that supports Kiwi ingenuity at all levels, Fieldays has seen many Kiwi innovations go on to achieve extraordinary success both nationally and offshore:

Fieldays Innovation Prototype Award

Fieldays Innovation Early Stage Award

Fieldays Innovation Growth & Scale Award

Fieldays Young Innovator of the Year

Fieldays Innovation

Prototype Award

Test your idea with an audience of thousands and gather on the spot feedback!

Realises an early model of product built to test or a product that can be replicated to learn from. Offers the critical opportunity to test new product and process development through exposure at Fieldays

2021 winner: SpringArm Products

Fieldays Innovation

Early Stage Award

Network with investors and corporate decision makers to launch your product to the next level!

Recognises a primary industry product or service that hasn’t been commercialized for more than 12 months

2021 winner: Cropsy Technologies

Fieldays Innovation

Growth & Scale Award

Connect with industry professionals and showcase your international potential!

Designed to recognise successful innovation products or services looking to grow through new markets, exports, or increased supply chain

2021 winner: Intelligent Growth Solutions Ltd.

Explorer Innovation Awards

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