Standards for Care for Animals exhibited at Fieldays

The New Zealand National Fieldays Society Inc. is affiliated with the Ruakura Animal Ethics Committee, approved by the Ministry of Primary Industries under the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

If you are going to have animals on your exhibition site at Fieldays, the following Standards for Care must be adhered to.

1. Selection of Animals
a) All animals must be carefully and individually inspected and any that show signs of sickness, lameness or abnormal nervousness must not be transported and used for display
b) Animals must be acclimated to the feed and water system to be used in the rest area at the display

2. Display Area
a) All animals must have adequate space
b) Animals must have company of their own kind
c) Food and water must be provided and available at all times
d) Animal excrement is cleaned up on a regular basis

3. Provision of a rest area
a) A rest area must be provided that has feed, water, shade, space to move about, clean bedding and a degree of seclusion from the public
b) Sheep must have at least one companion in the rest area at all times
c) Action must be taken to separate any animals that are fighting or unduly aggressive

4. Time on display
a) An animal should only spend a maximum of two hours per day in total actively engaged in the display of equipment
b) Any animal that shows signs of injury, lameness or nervousness/panic during display must be moved immediately to the rest area

5. Time on site
a) Any animal must not remain on an exhibition site overnight

6. Nominated Person
a) A nominated “Person in Charge” of all animals on site is required, and will be noted in the Hazard Identification and Management Form on the Exhibitor Portal