Acknowledging fifty years of Fieldays with ANZ

As we close out our 50th Fieldays celebrations we acknowledge the key role our partners have played throughout the event’s history, in particular our longstanding sponsorship partnership with ANZ which is now coming to a close.

Back in 1968 the New Zealand National Fieldays Society’s founding forefathers approached ANZ for a 100% loan to create the event now known as Fieldays, paving the way to the events successes over the last fifty years.

“The involvement from ANZ from the very beginning speaks volume of their dedication to our shared cause of advancing agriculture for the benefit of our country and our continued commitment to New Zealand agribusinesses,” said Society Chief Executive Peter Nation.

“We’d like to express our immense gratitude to ANZ for their dedicated contribution and look forward to seeing what they will continue to achieve in agricultural industry in the future” said Nation.

The sponsorship partnership between Fieldays and ANZ has been in place for 24 years since they came on board as a Fieldays principal sponsor back in 1994.

Mark Hiddleston, Managing Director of Commercial & Agriculture for ANZ New Zealand spoke of the partnership saying, ““It’s with much pride that we have been involved with Fieldays since they first started 50 years ago and as a sponsor for the past 24 years, during which time Fieldays has gone from strength to strength. We’d like to thank Fieldays for an amazing, enduring partnership and wish them the very best in the future. While we won’t be the main sponsor, we will still be involved and supporting at Mystery Creek and available for a catch up and cup of tea. We remain committed to our customers and the bright future of the agriculture sector.”

In 1995 ANZ contributed several items into a time capsule that was placed down in the floor of the newly built Mystery Creek Pavilion and opened last month, some 23 years later. Branded back then as the ‘Yes Bank’, ANZ arranged charter flights for their customers to travel from around the country to Fieldays at Mystery Creek where they were on board as major sponsors of the event.

Onsite back in 1995, Fieldays visitors attended seminars in the ANZ hospitality tent on the hot topic of ‘electronic banking’ where customers could to do their banking using their phone or computer from the comfort of their own home or office rather than trekking in to their nearest branch.

Asked to predict what the future of farming would look like in 2018, then ANZ Rural Manager Steve King predicted New Zealand’s population swelling to 4.5M saying “Genetic engineering will be widely accepted to create animals of uniformity to best suit the high computerised and automated farming systems in the year 2018.”

As the sponsorship partnership between Fieldays and ANZ draws to a close we recognise the rich history of our relationship and the achievements we have accomplished together over the last half century and look forward to making the most of new opportunities.

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