Media Accreditation 

Applications are now open to apply for media accreditation at Fieldays 2017.


Important: If you are interested in registering for a complimentary media pass, please review the required credentials below and the terms and conditions.

If you require further information about covering Fieldays please contact the Fieldays media team.

Required Credentials for Media
  • To qualify for a complimentary Media Pass, the applicant must cover the industry on a regular basis by writing, publishing or broadcasting mainstream or industry relevant articles
  • We may request proof of credentials before we approve your Fieldays Media Pass
  • Additional information on requirements for media is as follows: Trade/business or recognised publications; online/news services; recognised Broadcast companies; Industry Analysts; Writers from internationally recognised market research or financial institutions; Association Publications/Newsletters; Reporters from internationally recognised magazines, newspapers or newsletters produced by industry associations; Freelance Writers & Authors (Persons requesting freelance credentials must provide an industry relevant article published within the past six months.)
  • We reserve the right to refuse media applications, without cause, during pre-registration as well as onsite media registration
  1. Please complete all questions appearing on the form. Failure to do this may result in your request being declined. 
  2. Fieldays Media Accreditation is issued for NZ National Agricultural Fieldays only and does not permit admission to any other event held at the venue.
  3. There will be no exchange of correspondence with regard to the Society’s decision to issue accreditation.
  4. The holder of Media Accreditation agrees to abide by the rules, conditions and limitations imposed by the organisers to ensure the proper and safe running of the event and to display their accreditation at all times when on the Fieldays site.
  5. Your Fieldays media pass must be displayed on your person at all times during Fieldays. Failure to display your media pass may result in denied access to grounds.
  6. Media releases and other information pertaining to the media will be emailed to you. You may unsubscribe to this by clicking here, and entering your email address.
  7. The information collected through this process is for the accreditation of bona fide media, it is for the use of the event organisers only. You have the right to access and correct the information you have supplied. Supply of the information is mandatory for the purpose of official accreditation.
  8. For purposes of the Privacy Act, the agency is identified as being: The National Fieldays Society, Private Bag 3015, Hamilton 3240.

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